The Normal Bar - survey data on relationships

Intriguing premise, (unscientifically) surveying people to get a sense of how their relationship is faring so you can get a benchmark of where your relationship stands. Data presented verbally so its difficult to digest and retain. Mostly a depressing picture of relationships slowly decaying over time (decrease in holding hands, kissing, putting an effort into your appearance) combined with verifying stereotypes. Some random interesting tidbits I remember

(1) Spontaneous kissing seems to be correlated with everything good (relationship satisfaction, good sex) (2) Large proportion of the population lies to their partner. Lies about money are very common. Relatedly most people don't mind the idea of a prenup (3) Boredom is the most common cited reason for cheating (4) Even people who are unhappy in their relationships seem to be very positive about their relationship in other measures. For instance, 57% would be happy to spend etenerity with their partners in the afterlife vs 77% overall. They'd also be very willing to risk death to save their partners life