McWhorter discussion on how to name third wave anti-racism

Thinks social justice warrior is too mean. Religious insults the actual religious. My observation

(1) Not clear why opponents of third wave anti-racism cede the word anti-racist. Why don't people like McWhorter also use that label? It seems like if you believe the label is more important than the content that's the way to go. Wonder if there are parallels to Roosevelt vs Hoover factions fighting over who were the true liberals.

(2) I'd vote for the label "race conscious left". The advantage is that the label is relatively neutral which I think reduces the power of the movement. And its more descriptive than the label "anti-racist" or "progressive" which both creates space for other forms of anti-racism and makes the label more apt. Fewer people would buy a book "How to be a race conscious I leftist" but it s more descriptive than "how to be an anti-racist" I think the term could be improved if it could connate "race obsessed left" while using a word more neutral than "obsessed"