Breonna Taylor coverage: NYTimes vs. USA Today


Shortly after midnight on March 13, Louisville police officers, executing a search warrant, used a battering ram to crash into the apartment of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African- American emergency room technician. After a brief confrontation, they fired several shots, striking her at least eight times.

USA Today:

Taylor was at her apartment around 12:40 a.m. local time when the three plainclothes officers used a no-knock search warrant signed by District Judge Mary Shaw to enter her home as part of a narcotics investigation. Officers say they announced their presence, but Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and several neighbors say they did not. Walker has said he thought intruders were trying to break in and fired a warning shot that struck Mattingly in the leg.

NYTimes missing critical detail that the residents of the home fired shots at the officers, who shot back.

Of course, as HN commentary points out, there is a fundamental contradiction in Kentucky law that allows both a no-knock search warrant by plainclothes police, and also allows people to shoot intruders in their own home.