Cost to install public bathroom drops from $1.7 million to $300k after boycotted Nevada company donates $425k of equipment + labor

"I just wanted to show why modular prefabrication solutions are cost effective and easier," added Kaufman.

In other words, he told us, he wants the publicity. The donation saves the city $425,000.

Public Restroom Company has similar projects throughout California, but Kaufman is not allowed to "sell" this bathroom in San Francisco.

The company is located in Nevada, one of 22 states banned by San Francisco for their abortion, LGBTQ+ rights and voting rights. But while San Francisco can't do business with these companies, they can get a gift.

People around here are sincerely grateful for that donation.

"It's really nice to have a bathroom here. We're a bunch of senior citizens who hang out here on Thursdays and have a little chat group. When you got to go, you gotta go," said Josh Koral, a Noe Valley resident.

It will only take a week to install the pre-fabricated bathroom which should be in place by the end of the summer.

The Recreation and Park Department still has to dish out $300,000 for other costs like landscaping design, permits and environmental reviews.

"Staff time, permits fees architecture and engineering required to make sure everything works and fits together," explained Sarah Madland of the Recreation and Park Department.