HRW head Kenneth Roth denied Harvard Kennedy School Fellowship over alleged anti-Israel bias

Will be interesting to see if it sticks or he gets instated in the end. My guess is he'll be instated in the end.

(1) Roth's actual tweets aren't that bad. Maybe is on the bad side. Blaming Israel for anti-semetic riots also seems like it'd be a no-no on the left in other context

(2) Going to HRW shows that its overwrought and lost its way. It showcases a press release "Human Rights Watch Releases Damning Verdict for UK" ( Among the sins

The government’s refusal to reverse a social security cut made in 2021, and a November 2022 announcement that social security support would not increase to meet inflation until April 2023 breach the rights to social security and to an adequate standard of living, Human Rights Watch said. Frontline welfare, anti-poverty, and food aid organizations criticized the government’s position.

What's the point

(3) Fundraising from Saudis by promising not to investigate LGBT issues in the Middle East