Eating fatty acids, citric foods can help with sugar cravings

Sugar consumption has a positive feedback loop. The more sugar you eat is the more sugar you desire. Especially for high fructose corn syrup. Often food companies add high fructose corn syrup and hide the taste to make the food desirable. Good to look at the GI and avoid high sugar foods to avoid the positive feedback loop.

Positive feedback loop is intermediated by two pathways. One is taste, if you taste sugar you want more of the sugar food. The other is neuropod cells in the stomach that are activated by sugar. Even if you can't taste 15 minutes after consuming a sugary food you'll want more of it when the neuropod cell detects it.

Neuropod cells also detect fatty acids and omega-3s. So supplementing with those could reduce sugar cravings.

What about artificial sweeteners? Bodys reaction to taste is very pavlovian. Likely that eating things that taste like sugar trigger exact same response (including insulin) as having sugar itself.

For reasons I forget lemon juice also reduces sugar cravings.

Side note? Do I have sugar cravings? I don't particularly think so. But maybe I'm not self aware enough. Maybe being able to eat an endless bag of potato chips is a sugar craving.

Where do you find a good GI?