Cloudflare won't withhold services from users with political beliefs they disagree with

While we believe we have an obligation to restrict the content that we host ourselves, we do not believe we have the political legitimacy to determine generally what is and is not online by restricting security or core Internet services. If that content is harmful, the right place to restrict it is legislatively.

We also believe that an Internet where cyberattacks are used to silence what's online is a broken Internet, no matter how much we may have empathy for the ends. As such, we will look to legal process, not popular opinion, to guide our decisions about when to terminate our security services or our core Internet technology services.

In spite what some may claim, we are not free speech absolutists. We do, however, believe in the Rule of Law

Although most of the concerns we see in our abuse process relate to our free customers, we do not have different moderation policies based on whether a customer is free versus paid. We do, however, believe that in cases where our values are diametrically opposed to a paying customer that we should take further steps to not only not profit from the customer, but to use any proceeds to further our companies’ values and oppose theirs.

For instance, when a site that opposed LGBTQ+ rights signed up for a paid version of DDoS mitigation service we worked with our Proudflare employee resource group to identify an organization that supported LGBTQ+ rights and donate 100 percent of the fees for our services to them. We don't and won't talk about these efforts publicly because we don't do them for marketing purposes; we do them because they are aligned with what we believe is morally correct.