Stanford job posting list for US "Civil Rights team at Meta"

Hi Everyone,

We were lucky to have Susan Epstein speak to us at the beginning of MM today. Susan is the Tech Lead for the Civil Rights team at Meta. Her team is hiring a Program Manager as a one-year full-time contract position with possibility of renewal or conversion to a Meta employee.

(A little about the team and the opportunity, from Susan):

Meta is the first tech company to create a Civil Rights team and we're addressing critical issues. We are part of Meta's Legal org and we work cross-functionally across the whole company (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more) partnering with engineers, data scientists, product managers, and policy makers. It's exciting and meaningful to work at the intersection of AI and other technologies with social justice. I look forward to learning more about potential candidates who could join our team for this important role.

Although the job description only mentions the Menlo Park headquarters, the Program Manager can choose to work from home or one of Meta's offices so long as their home is located near a Meta office. More information is available here, including a link to submit an application.

As a reminder, this opportunity is a full time, one year position. It is primarily aimed at people who are graduating / recent grads, but if you're interested and want to learn more, you can reach Susan at