41% of VA voters approve of Youngkin performance, 43% disapprove; lowest of modern governors

Republicans: 85% vs vs 12% Democrats: 9% vs 81% Independents: 42% vs 36%

Far more voters, 59 percent, want the state’s budget surplus to be invested to help underfunded government services, including education, public safety and social services, rather than to pay for tax cuts or rebates, 38 percent, according to the poll.

Sixty-three percent of voters support teaching how racism still impacts American society and 57% oppose a ban on teaching critical race theory in Virginia’s K-12 schools, according to the survey. A large portion of Virginia voters, 70 percent, support a Youngkin-backed proposal to have law enforcement or a resource officer in every public school.

A majority of voters back COVID-19 vaccine mandates for first responders (58%), teachers (57%), and medical providers (61%), the poll shows, but not for elementary and middle school students.

Voters largely favor efforts to combat climate change. Sixty-seven percent say they support Virginia being in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon cap-and-trade program and the passage of the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which requires all of the commonwealth’s electricity to be generated from renewable energy by 2050.