Startup "Gameto" is working to delay/end menopause for women

From the article:

While women are born with a certain number of ovocytes — an immature female sex cell that later gives rise to a fully mature ovum or egg cell — they eventually run out of these, at which point their ovaries stop functioning as an organ and stop producing the hormones that control women’s physiology.

How exactly? It’s still early days and Radenkovic is loath to dive into specifics, but she says that the young company has already begun testing whether ovarian supporting cells could help mature eggs and reduce the number of IVF cycles that women often endure currently.

From their website:

We start from first principles that if the problem we are trying to solve is the lack of ovaries when people need them, then we should try to make ovaries with science. Therefore, our scientific work involves reconstituting ovarian development and function in vitro, elucidating the underlying growth factor and genetic networks that drive human ovarian development and oogenesis. We aim to leverage our allogeneic human cellular derivatives of our platform to therapeutic applications for assisted fertility and menopause.

Similar company trying to do the same thing: