Gender differences in political opinions (NYTimes opinion, Jan 2022)

Some data from a 2016 survey of 137k students:

Some commentary about the implications for violence. A quote from Steve Pinker, noting that males are responsible for most violent conflict:

the most fundamental empirical generalization about violence [is that] it is mainly committed by men. From the time they are boys, males play more violently than females, fantasize more about violence, consume more violent entertainment, [etc...]

Women are more likely to acquiesce/concede to avoid conflict:

Preferences for conflict and cooperation are systematically different for men and women. At each stage of the escalatory ladder, women prefer more peaceful options. They are less apt to approve of the use of force and the striking of hard bargains internationally, and more apt to approve of substantial concessions to preserve peace.

Differences in risk taking:

females exhibited stronger self-protective reactions than males to important biological and social threats... females more than males exhibit a lower threshold for detecting many sensory stimuli; remain closer to home; overestimate the speed of incoming stimuli; discuss threats and vulnerabilities more frequently; find punishment more aversive [etc...]

In this context, interesting to consider: