Mt Whitney training hikes

Mt Whitney is 14k feet above sea level with 6k+ elevation gain. Half Dome is 8k above sea level and 4.8k of elevation gain. Good benchmarks top prep for the hike are

(1) a hike with at least 5000 ft of elevation gain (2) A hike that's at least 15-20 miles roundtrip (3) A hike that takes 10+ hours to complete (4) Hiking/camping at 10k+ feet

Mt Sizer (Henry Coe State Park) has a 16 mile hike with 4500 feet of elevation gain. Not a high peak Kennedy Road in Sierra Azul. 12 miles 4k feet of gain. Peak elevation of 3k feet Rose Peak. 17 miles. 4.2k gain Murietta Falls. 15 miles 5k feet gain

So none of these are really comparable