Very detailed podcast on intermittent fasting/time restricted eating

Hard to remember many details from a podcast. But some notes

(1) Being in a 'fasted' state is good. Particularly for the liver and setting your circadian cycles correctly. The scale of how good it is isn't clear from the podcast. I don't understand if fasting is a continuum or an on/off state

(2) Since it involves circadian cycles its good to try to be as consistent as possible even on weekends

(3) Default minimum guidance is to try to not eat for 1 hour after you wake up. And 3 hours before you go to sleep. 8 hours is also a good target. But research onto exact lengths is highly arbitrary

(4) Tiny amounts of food won't break fast. Fat breaks it less than protein which is less than carbs. Coffee won't break fasting

(5) Protein is mobilized more effectively the earlier you have it in the morning. So that's a good reason to skip morning fasting. As is fertility issues