3M warns about inflation


All of us are experiencing the semiconductor shortages. I would say to automotive and electronics, but you starting to see it impacting a lot of Industries

Moving over to raw materials. Again, I think the inflation is unprecedented. We are seeing inflation in the same areas I talked about earlier jobs, raw material, labor and logistics, raw materials again you go down to polypropylene, talk about resins, that inflation remains.

I would say inflation, when you think about raw material and logistics, both are very high. For us, inflation again comes from multiple different. So luckily, we don't have one commodity that has all the inflation, but right now we are seeing broad-based inflation

And logistics, the port congestion is so hard. So there I would say that is sometimes even the lack of availability of carriers to take the product that's hurting us.

I think inflation is way outstripping anything that we thought.

...in just talking to our OEMs, talking to multiple other people in the industry, we believe that this is going to go into 2022. I don't think it's a 2021 issue.

So our belief is, this is a 2022 issue