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School to pick new logo to replace Knight

Nixon School is about to change their logo from the Nixon Knight to an anonymous hero or thing. The new logo will be decided by none other than the children and teachers of Nixon! The kids will draw pictures and enter them. Then the kids will decide which is the best logo. They are changing the logo because the Knight is old, and according to fifth grader Beth Brown, the knight is too violent of a logo. Also, a new age of kids needs a new logo. They will be changing the logo sometime this month. When asked what she thinks of the Knight and its leaving, Katie Shoven (a member of the PTA Council) answered, "I feel very comfortable with the Knight. It's been the logo since I started working here, but I look forward to a new symbol with new thought." Fifth grader Yarone Greif said, when asked if he'll miss the Knight, "Yes!" "I think it's kind of sad the Nixon Knight is leaving, but I'm ready for a change," fifth grader Adrienne Papp stated. So now you know Nixon will have a new logo, so don't be surprised when the Knight rides off into the horizon. --Amadea Britton, Grade 5

Boy Amadea was right that I mess the Knight. However, it was neither replaced by a hero nor a thing

Desks are generally messy, survey says "You should definitely clean your desk," said Yarone Greif, a fifth grade student at L.M. Nixon. Yarone has a desk that could keep people entertained for hours on end. Papers and textbooks are commonly seen in strange locations inside his desk. There are also some candies from last Valentine's Day. Katie Brewer, another student, has a desk with the same problem. "I might clean it (the desk) in a few years," Katie remarked sarcastically. She added, "I can't find my papers anywhere." Katie might keep her desk "clean for a day, but then it gets all messy again." Whereas Katie constantly encounters problems, Yarone said that his desk rarely causes him trouble, because the important items are usually at the top of the pile. The majority of desks are "messy", according to a student survey conducted by myself. Survey results: 10 (41 2/3 percent) of the students have a "messy" desk. Eight (33 1/3 percent) of the students have neat desks, and six (25 percent) of the students have desks that are in between. n --Kevin Lin, Grade 5