Tuttle Twins: a series of books for kids with right wing angle

Some excerpts from their series for toddlers:

F for Founding Fathers: A group of intelligent and brave men who were passionate about freedom

T for Taxes: Government takes money from people whenever they earn, buy, or own thitngs. That money, called taxes, is used for things that politicians think are importantt.

W for Work: Each of us should put in the effort tot make the world a better place.

S for Self-defense: You have the right to protect yourself and others if you are ever attacked by someone.

F for Federal Reserve: The Federal Reserve is a secretive bank that creates new money out of thin air, which steals the value of our savings and transfers it to the people who get the newly created money.

They also have a sample PDF of their parents guide, which is meant to accompany their book "The Road to Surfdom" (pun intended): https://tuttletwins.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/parent-guide-sample.pdf