Dow breast implant case spotlights Elizabeth Warren’s work helping big corporations navigate bankruptcies

Warren was part of the legal team for a Dow subsidiary which wanted to limit claims for damages from its silicone implants (my reading is so Dow Chemicals itself wouldn't be liable).

Her campaign said that she was “a consultant to ensure adequate compensation for women who claimed injury” from the implants and that a $2.3 billion fund for the women was started “thanks in part to Elizabeth’s efforts.”

But participants on both sides of the matter say that description mischaracterizes Warren’s work, in which she advised a company intent on limiting payments to the women.

“They asked, ‘Could I make a comment about whether the deal was fair? Would I say it was a fair deal? Was it fair?’ ” said Goldrich, recalling her conversation. “I wouldn’t say that.”

Unclear to me if Dow was or wasn't liable. But a bad look for Warren

“You know, those big corporations, they don’t have any loyalty to America,” Warren said during an MSNBC town hall in June. “They don’t have any loyalty to American workers. They have loyalty to exactly one thing, and that is their own profits.”

Also interesting

Her campaign in May released a 4,000-plus-word document listing cases and summaries of outside work after The Post and other news organizations requested them. Warren previously had released a shorter list, with just 13 cases, when she ran for the Senate in 2012.

Def a habit of releasing partial information. Then when caught releasing partial info releasing more.