Non-scientific Patch poll 51% would support the recall, 47.7% against

Some 43 percent of those who weighed in were Democrats, 22.7 percent were Republicans, 25.2 percent were of the independent party and 9 percent did not identify with a common party.

"Newsom was way too conservative with the reopening of public schools; he should've mandated they open," one participant wrote. "He also was way too strict with youth sports."

Several wrote "rules for thee and not for me," in a blatant reference to Newsom's appearance at French Laundry. And several more said it's better to keep "the devil we know."

"It depends on who will replace him. Right now he is the devil we know," a participant wrote. "I am definitely hoping someone else better comes along because his policies as the pandemic went on became more about control than science. Our kids are hurting and his actions don't reflect the sentiments of the people who voted for him."

Another simply wrote: the "only flaw was that dinner party."

In an interview with KQED, Newsom addressed the French Laundry incident. "That's [one of] those things you can never get back. And, you know, I owned up to that. And no one hid from that. And that was a mistake. Crystal clear," he told the Bay Area news station earlier this month.