March PPIC Poll: 40% would vote to recall Newsom, in line with 38% who voted against him

(1) 45% say CA is doing a good or excellent job of vaccine distribution. Up from 28% in Jan (2) Dems have 22% lead in voter registration vs 9% lead when Davis was recalled (3) Men would vote 50 to 46% for the recall. Women 31 to 64% against (4) 36% think local tax burden is about right. 57% think pay more than they should (5) 60% of whites are pessimistic that people of different political views can still come together and discuss their differences. 64% of Latinos and 54% of African Americans are optimistic.
(6) 38% think seeing racial discrimination where it does not exist is a bigger problem than not seeing racial discrimination where it does exist. 58% say the opposite