Israeli Arab protest demanding more police protection

At least 24 Arab citizens of Israel have been shot dead this year, mostly by unknown assailants from within their towns and villages. The shootings, most often crime and gang related, have become a defining issue for the 21% minority ahead of a March 23 national election.

The largest expression of the frustration and anger felt by the community has come through anti-violence protests by tens of thousands in Umm al-Fahm and other Arab towns.

“The only solution for the inaction of the police ... is to take to the streets and mobilise the Palestinian Arab people,” said Enab Mhajne, 19, at the Umm al-Fahm protest on Friday. Behind her protesters waved Palestinian flags, an unusual sight on the streets of Israel.

Netanyahu, who many Arabs accuse of discrimination against their community, has pledged 100 million shekels ($30.24 million) to combat violence in Arab localities.

Noteworthy in terms of the trend towards normalization of Arabs in Israeli politics. Seems like a big break from what I perceive as an implicit agreement between Jewish Israeli and Arab leaders to not enforce laws in Israel, and let Christians/Mulsims continue to use Ottoman era institutions