Good review of the accumulating evidence of global warming from an initially skeptical reporter

One of the most serious articles I've seen explaining the latest research on counter arguments on the severity of carbon emissions on global temperatures. For instance

(1) Do climate models actually have predictive value. An unpeer-reviewed study claims the IPCCs 1995 models ( were accurate. A forthcoming paper ( shows that of 17 pre-2007 studies 14 were consistent with trends

(2) The 'pause' in temperature increases disproves global warming. Climate models actually output pause periods.

(3) Diminishing returns on doubling carbon dioxide. There's a claim that if doubling C02 in the past increased temperatures by 1.3 degrees. They'd have to double again to increase things by another 1.3 degrees. The counter-argument was water vapour forces a larger increase. So far that forcing effect seems to be holding up