Dem strategist raised $25 million to create "for profit" newspapers to create targeted ads on Facebook

She's creating digital newspapers in six swing states (Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin) to "deliver the facts favorable to Democrats that she thinks voters are missing, and counter right-wing spin."

For instance the Copper Courier ( "Real local news on issues that matter to Arizonians" and The Virginia Dogwood ( "your source for Virginia news."

The upshot is the articles ("How the Virginia congresswomen who helped start the impeachment inquiry are explaining it to constituents") can be boosted on Facebook without triggering "ad blindness." For instance, the Dogwood spent $275k boosting stories the week before the Virginia election. But has spent $0 this week. Because the newspapers are for-profit they won't be subject to Google and potentially Twitters political advertising constraints.