First Amendment lawsuit against "privilege exercise" in Las Vegas school

Defendant was asked to fill out his identities on a google document and label them as oppressive or oppressed and was taught that his religion was "oppressive" and needed to be "unlearned." Class ended in "tumult' when students objected to her "derogatory, race-based labeling" and the teacher "terminated the discussion." Despite the organization's (Twitter) claim that they want students "to feel empowered to use their voice to standup for what is right, even if that means pushing back against a school policy, occupying a cafeteria, or staging a walkout"

Defendant and defendant's parent then asked to opt out of the class. School initially refused, and then offered a C-. Ended up giving a D- which was against the student handbooks official policy of "Democracy prep does not give Ds"

Will be interesting to see if the lawsuit goes anywhere.