Children born out of wedlock significantly increased globally since 1964

Chart compares the percent of children born out of wedlock across different countries, in 1964 and 2014.

In the United States, the number increased from about 7% to 40%. There is a large racial difference, with whites at 30% and blacks at 70% in 2014. They were at around 3% for whites and 25% for blacks in 1964.

The trend is similar in most of the countries in the study, for example UK saw an increase from around 7% to 48%. Similar trends in France, Germany, Spain, etc. (most of Europe) and Latin America.

Of the countries included in the study, biggest exceptions to the trend are Greece, Israel, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea. The rates are under 10% for all of those countries, and under 5% for a few of them.