Families sue Mt View Catholic School for incorrectly accusing their kids of blackface

Two former students of Saint Francis High School had photos taken of themselves in acne treatment face masks. This photos were mis-represented as blackface on Instagram. The school told to boys to withdraw, or face expulsion.

This event also triggered a woke mob of about 50 or 100 people to form on corner of Castro Street and El Camino: https://www.mv-voice.com/news/photos/2020/june/8/22861_col.jpg . Mostly women/girls.

Worth noting MV Voice un-ironically links to it's coverage of the incident from 2020, where they said:

Current and former Saint Francis students have been tied to an Instagram account that posted a racist image making fun of George Floyd

As of today, they have not retracted the original article.

Full court filing is here: https://www.mv-voice.com/news/reports/1614639661.pdf with the controversial picture on page 32. It does, indeed, look like blackface.