Randy Shaw predicts that Boudin will fight Tenderloin crime because he's a "true progressive" who "ran an avowedly political campaign"

Sounds like his prediction might be more making lemonade out of lemons than a sincere prognostication.

Many predict that because Boudin is a strong advocate of de-incarceration who won't prosecute Tenderloin drugdealers. Outgoing DA Gascon-who is in the same political camp as Boudin-was soft on crime in the Tenderloin.

Shaw argues that unlike Gascon Boudin is a "a true progressive who does not feel low-income communities should be containment zones for drug dealers." Furthermore, Gascon didn't have a political base to cover him cover for arresting drugdealers (?). And that Boudin will be motivated to tackle crime in the Tenderloin to get good national press coverage for progressives. Finally, Shaw argues that as a former public defender Boudin "knows how to end the revolving door that Tenderloin drug dealers arrested time and again have used to avoid prosecution."

Will be interesting to see how this plays out because its a pretty clear prediction by Shaw. Its possible that Shaw is just trying to influence Boudin. But even so, it reduces the predictive power of his writings if he misreads the situation.