The guy who hosted Berlin Ping Pong wants to open an arcade, but is being held up in discretionary review

He currently is using the site for his arcade repair business and occasionally rents it out for events. But he wants to convert it into an arcade.

Oritz, a member of United to Save the Mission and the Cultural Action Network (Latino/gay activist groups) filed a discretionary review to stop it: “it’s not designed for families, it’s designed to be attractive for young, affluent professionals*" Ortiz said that having alcohol sales in an area already dealing with heavy prostitution and vehicle traffic would lead to more property crime. But he also said that all of those people would be calling rideshares at night, which would lead to more traffic.

The Planning meeting got delayed many times. The Commission President is also Oritz's boss. But decided not to recuse herself because "she doesn't think it will influence her vote." She does ultimately vote against the DR.

YIMBY neoliberal originally wasn't going to bother supporting because "example of a project that would generate more press for us, but the downsides of being on the right side of this fight are too high" because "it would be "white bros fight latinx activists trying to preserve neighborhood affordability"

They changed their mind and showed up in support. See But man they love to call the opposition to Joey white. eg

One of the (white) cannabis NIMBYs just called Cesar Chavez Street "Army Street." It hasn't been called that since 1995. Perhaps a tell?

Literally every person speaking against the bar (in favor of the discretionary review) is an old white NIMBY.