Chait piece claiming overwhelming gains from charter school, explains new opposition from Left

Biden floated the names of fierce critics of charter schools, including the ex-president of the country’s largest teacher union and the former dean of the Howard University School of Education...Then, in a surprise move, Biden formally tapped Miguel Cardona, Connecticut’s education chief — a nonideological pick

Charter schools face a crisis in large part because people don’t understand them...Polling shows that only about half the public can correctly state whether charters are public schools (true) or are free to teach religion (false). Solid majorities incorrectly believe they can charge tuition or select their students on the basis of ability

Initially, reformers imagined this kill-or-be-killed pressure would be generated chiefly by parents, ...Education researchers have found that what has worked, instead, is an enhanced role for entities known as charter authorizers — the official public agencies that decide which charter schools are allowed to open and which ones are forced to close...

Evidence from the lottery studies,” researchers summarizing the evidence conclude, “suggests that charter schools may actually be more effective at increasing the achievement of students who are less likely to apply.”

It found urban charters on average gave their students the equivalent of 40 additional school days of learning in math and 28 additional days of learning in reading every year. CREDO’s studies confirm the conclusion that the lottery studies have found: In most cases, urban charters now provide the same group of students much better instruction.

Polls show that the backlash against charters has been mainly confined to white liberals, while Black and Latino Democrats — whose children are disproportionately enrolled in those schools — remain supportive.