AB5 preventing sub work in consturction sites (from YIMBY chat)

I just did 1099's. Ab5 is garbage. I work in school construction. 70% of revenue happens in summer. My subs like to pickup residential work during year. Some are specialty contractors in other trades. Some subs of subs (tiered subs). Ultimately there is a rash of bad labor legislation coming out of Sacramento that is driving work to union shops. In my case our installers are in their 50's, have licences, etc... Yet we now are excluded from a lot of work. This is also why you see so many papers coming out against prop13 as it further harms merit shops I'm not allowed to join our union. We cover too much geographic area. Also when doing the side residential work my guys would never work again if unionized. It is fine for people in mega corps but just not nimble. But the real problem are the bad laws written by people who have never run a nimble small enterprise