Countries plan to produce about 50% more fossil fuels than required for the 50% pathway

Report looks at projected fossil fuel production instead of consuption. By 2040 should reduce to ~15 GtC02/yr. Promised production is 35. Projected is 40. Worldwide coal production is already well above the required 2 degree level. Oil is slightly higher. And gas is slightly lower.

Not 100% from skimming how they get their numbers for required amounts. Page 17 discusses that gas isn't a bridge fuel because of methene leaks and lower costs increase demand. Methene leaks might easily be detectable and fined by satellites. And electricity production can be taxed for gas.

Europe has ambiguous policies. In some ways it continues to subsidize oil and coal production. In other ways it has policies to phase them out. They look the most promising in terms of reducing production.

For the US. Coal is slated to decrease to half of its 2005 levels in terms of EJ/yr. While oil and gas double.

Russia is slated to increase its production of oil, gas, and coal from 2005 levels slightly.

India is slated to dramatically increase coal from under 10 to over 30. And has almost no oil and gas production.