Leaked transcript of Atlantic discussion about firing Kevin Williamson

Transcript about editorial post-mortom on firing Williamson after activists released a transcript that he argued arbortion should be treated like homocide.

I don't think the shift in debate can be completely about inclusion insofar as say Goldberg was around the Atlantic for a long time and thought Sulliven was anti-semitic. But nothing was done to silence him. But maybe there needs to be enough people to reach a tipping point.

Skimmed parts at random, mostly they come off as interesting and thoughtful. Particularly interesting when they talk about how the composition of the newsroom changes what's reported on (if TNR was diverse 20 years ago wouldn't have excerpted the Bell Curve. The Atlantic wouldn't write the Case for Reparations etc)

Conor's dissent about the firing is interesting too https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/04/a-dissent-concerning-kevin-williamson/484052/. Particularly the point that Williamson is alive because his mother didn't abort him makes it more plausible that his view on that issue is a one off.

Overall Willliamson's column's don't seem particularly special. Here is his latest one https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/connecting-some-dots-on-taxes/