Trump insider likens Trump as a "father figure" for Kim. Trump thinks Obama was dumb for not talking to Kim

From Amazon synopsis looks like its a sympathetic journalist too (

"'It’s a father thing,' Kushner observed. 'You can see from these letters that Kim wants to be friends with Trump, but his father told him never to give up the weapons. That’s his only security. Trump is like a new father figure. So, it is not an easy transition.'" ... "Barack Obama told me that my greatest problem, when I became president, was the possibility of war with North Korea. In fact, privately, he said, ‘You will have a war with North Korea on your watch.’” Trump said, according to Wead.

Trump responded to Obama's concerns by asking if the former president had tried talking with Kim. “And Obama said, ‘No, he’s a dictator,'” Trump reportedly said. Trump said that decision was "stupid."