Warren camp floats wealth tax on assets >$1 million to help fund medicare-for-all

Under Pollin's proposal part of the funding for medicare-for-all would come from a 0.38% wealth tax on wealth above $1 million. In addition he proposes redirecting existing funding, imposing a national sales tax (with exemptions for low-income households) and a $600 billion annual “gross receipts” tax on businesses.

Medicare-for-all supporters say their plan would save most Americans money by using the bargaining power created by having one government insurer to force health care providers to lower prices.

“I told them what they should do is say, we will have a low premium that will replace a high premium. Or, if you prefer, a low public tax to replace a high private tax,” Hockett said. “That would neutralize the word ‘tax’ because it would remind people that a tax is a synonym for a premium, and then at that point you are quibbling over words.”

Sanders’s plan would...also provide them free medical, dental and vision care with no premiums, deductibles or co-payments