Impact of Violence In Media

The wikipedia article on research regarding effects of viewing violence in the media. Large camps are in violent disagreement. - The american academy of pediatrics ( claims "More than 3500 research studies have examined the association between media violence and violent behavior; all but 18 have shown a positive relationship." - In counterpoint " Rather, only about two hundred studies (confirmed by meta-analyses such as Paik and Comstock, 1994) have been conducted in peer-reviewed scientific journals on television, film, music and video game violence effects. Critics argue that about half find some link between media and subsequent aggression (but not violent crime), whereas the other half do not find a link between consuming violent media and subsequent aggression of any kind." - From my perspective, failure to control for things like heredity are huge problems in vast majority of the studies. - Feels like a high burden to avoid violence in media. From previous AAP link: "Of all animated feature films produced in the United States between 1937 and 1999, 100% portrayed violence, and the amount of violence with intent to injure has increased through the years." (referring specifically to G-rated movies). - Unclear to me why say the American Academy of Pediatrics takes such a strong stance on it, as opposed to acknowledging the controversy, giving a precautionary statement, and calling it a day. - This research is all referring to the amount of violence in what has hitherto been traditional media. Not dealing with things like the more extreme kid's youtube videos.