Interview of (R) San Diego Mayor Faulconer

Pro-choice, pro gay marriage Republican. Topics

(1) Reduces homelesness in San Diego even as it increased in SF Bay Area and LA. Have to have action. Built safe-parking etc. But also has Orwellian "right to shelter" policy. If there is a free bed in homelesness shelter have to sleep in it, can't stay on street.

(2) Against reclassifying contracters as employees. Can't have one size fit all

(3) Republicans need a California-specific brand, can't be carbon copy of national party. Need to appeal to independents and democrats on "common sense" issues and "fiscal responsibility" (he made San Diego pension funds solvent). Compete for all demographis. First speech in Spanish. Opened campaign HQ in African American neighborhood. Won 55% of the vote. Only 20% registered Republican