Invisibillia Podcast on Deep Brain Stimulation

Here's the conclusion of a mostly stimulating piece

The military is aggressively pursuing these technologies. And in fact, DARPA - the arm of the Defense Department that developed the prototype for the Internet - has funded advances even since Megan's stimulator was put in six years ago. There are no more chopsticks. They've been replaced by something called the Octopus - a network of neural implants that snake around the brain. The Octopus has a bunch of new features, like now the electrodes both stimulate and record. The military is looking to use it on veterans, maybe to eliminate PTSD, maybe some other stuff.

And I've been told that it's possible - in fact, very, very likely - that one day, this technology will be more broadly available, and ultimately, will be used to enhance people not just treat them. What isn't clear is whether these kinds of enhancements will ultimately create inequity between people who can afford implants and people who can't. I've talked to scientists who are absolutely sure that it will. So there are still a lot of questions.

The military is developing technology that records and manipulates brain function to control moods. And the journalistic angle is "that might only be affordable by rich people." In the 90s and 80s they def would have gone for different angles on that story...