Twitter thread mocking NY Times article on Dutch "dropping" of children

Supposed Dutch tradition of dropping children in the woods and having them find their way back. Unclear to me if people are mocking it because its an uncommon tradition or because its just much less dramatic than the New York Times makes it sound.

Comments from the article

As a Dutch person I’ve never ever heard of this...I was reading this on my way to work this morning only to get back this evening with many Dutch twitter users saying the same. The only woods in Holland have some squirrels and rabbits, if one can find a square mile of woods at all... If only! I would have never left!

I do not recognise the Dutch at all in this story. I’m dutch and lived in The Netherlands my whole life. This story makes it seem that we are completely crazy. Children are never dropped in the woods without guidance of an aldult of at least 18 years old and it has nothing to do with parenting and teaching children to cope with theirselves. And I have had many droppings in my life. It’s Just a fun game during a holiday camp same like telling scary stories sitting by the campfire