After Trump's election judges appointed by Democrats became more likely to against student due process protections

According to the article before the mid 2018s judges appointed by Democrats and Republicans ruled in favor of campus due process about equally. But afterwards universities prevailed 19 out of 26 decisions. Source data here City Journal might be misleading the data.

Case is also a bit interesting. The appeals judges were all women, so we've come a long way from rape trials all being presided by old white men. Part of the evidence used against the college was it shared an article called "Alcohol isn’t the cause of campus sexual assault. Men are” on Facebook, a nice twist on the classic being punished for social media story.

But the main piece of evidence for the plaintiff seemed to be that the campus court found Jane Doe more creditable than John Smith without having talked to her (or taken a formal statement?). It doesn't seem hard for colleges to fake the formalism of a case and still always rule against the defendants. The real flaw in the campus courts is that the administration seems to be both the judge and the jury which makes it fundamentally broken.